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01/26/2018 - Writing, Game Review: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

10/13/2017 - Music, Single: rinse repeat next summer

02/01/2017 - Writing, Humor: Transcript of Donald Trump’s Remarks at a Black History Month Event

06/04/2016 - Writing, Game Review: DOOM

05/22/2016 - Writing, Short Fiction: The First ReHuman

05/21/2016 - Writing, Short Fiction: The Purpose of Life

05/12/2016 - Music: Here Lies Laika - s/t

05/09/2016 - Writing, Essay: An Essay Discussing Why Video Game Movies Are a Fundamentally Bad Idea

05/03/2016 - Writing, Dramatic: Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part III

04/29/2016 - Writing, Dramatic: Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part I; Ted Cruz is an Alien, Part II

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